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In the bygone era of tracking down weed from local “salesmen,” the term “cannabis eighth” was a familiar part of the lingo. Although marijuana legalization has transformed the landscape of cannabis acquisition, certain traditional practices are worth preserving. Whether you’re stepping into a legal dispensary or exploring an online menu, the iconic eighth of cannabis remains a prevalent reference.

Navigating the Cannabis Eighth for Novice Buyers

Experienced buyers effortlessly navigate the intricacies of cannabis terminology. However, the rise of recreational weed shops has brought novices into the fold, seeking their own green experiences. For those unfamiliar, questions may arise: What exactly is an eighth of marijuana? How much does it cost? What does an eighth of weed weigh, and how does that translate into the actual quantity of marijuana? Fear not; the answers are simpler than they may seem.

Demystifying the Weight of an Eighth of Weed

In straightforward terms, an eighth of weed by weight is one-eighth of an ounce, roughly equivalent to half the weight of an empty soda can. For those who prefer metric measurements, an eighth of an ounce equals approximately 3.5 grams—just a bit more than the weight of an average penny, which is 3 grams.

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Understanding Volume: How Much Space Does an Eighth of Weed Occupy?

Simply understanding the weight may lead one to believe that an eighth of marijuana isn’t a significant amount. However, the cultivation, curing, and preparation for market reveal that it takes more than expected to produce a single gram. Variations in strains, including textures, resin concentrations, and shapes, contribute to the differing sizes of eighths. In general terms, an eighth of cannabis is ample for rolling two or three good blunts—a substantial quantity for most users.

Decoding the Cost of an Eighth of Weed

The question “How much for an eighth of weed?” is a common inquiry, given its prevalence as a standard weight increment in dispensaries. Prices range from $45 to $55 per cannabis eighth, depending on the strain and various factors. Strains may fetch higher or lower prices based on supply and demand.

Prices can fluctuate based on location and the duration of cannabis legalization in the state. In Southern California, an eighth of cannabis may cost between $33 and $44, reflecting one of the largest legal cannabis markets globally. Conversely, states with less progressive cannabis policies, such as Florida and Massachusetts, may see average prices for an eighth hovering around $48. Vermont prices range from $35 to $60, while in Maine, they fall between $35 and $55.


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Learning the Weed Lingo: Eighths, Half-quarters, Slices—Oh My!

Once you grasp the concept of an eighth of weed, it becomes memorable. Over time, you’ll easily recognize or hold an eighth when you encounter it. While at Silver Therapeutics, we commonly use the term “eighths,” you might occasionally hear this amount referred to as a “half-quarter” (1/4 divided by half = 1/8) of weed or even a “slice” of weed. Whichever term you prefer, we have a diverse selection of cannabis flower, edibles, and more. If ever confused about the terminology, we’re here to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about an Eighth of Cannabis

1. How long will an eighth of cannabis last?

A cannabis eighth, weighing around 3.5 grams, typically lasts the average smoker most of the week. However, heavy smokers may consume an eighth in just a few days. For those opting for smaller joints over blunts, an eighth of marijuana could easily last an entire week.

2. How much is an eighth of weed in a top strain?

Prices can vary based on the cultivator and demand. Popular strains may command higher prices due to increased demand and limited availability. For example, Silver Therapeutics offers strains like Titty Sprinkles and Mendo Breath at $35 per marijuana eighth, while highly popular strains like Girl Scout Cookies or Super Lemon Haze may be priced higher.

3. How many bowls can you get from an eighth of weed?

The answer depends on the size of your bowl, but a rough estimate is around 7 to 10 bowls from a single eighth of cannabis, as most pipe bowls hold about half a gram of weed or less.

4. Can I mix different strains in an eighth?

Yes, many dispensaries offer the option to mix different strains within an eighth, allowing users to enjoy a variety of flavors and effects in a single purchase.

5. Does the weight of an eighth include stems?

The weight typically includes the stems, but the amount of stem content can vary. Some dispensaries may provide information on the proportion of stems in their products.

6. Are there discounts or promotions for buying eighths in bulk?

Yes, many dispensaries offer discounts or promotions for bulk purchases. Buying multiple eighths or larger quantities may result in cost savings.

7. Can I return an eighth of cannabis if I’m not satisfied?

Dispensary policies vary, but it’s essential to check the return policy before purchase. Some dispensaries may offer returns or exchanges within a certain timeframe if the product doesn’t meet expectations.