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Alice Envision Micro Dose Capsules offer not only mind opening Golden Teacher mushrooms but are also enriched with CBD to keep your mood levelled and to ward off any extra unwanted anxiety.

Each Alice Envision Micro Dose Gel Caps bottle comes with 20 gel caps, made for convenience and discreetness.

250mg of Golden Teacher and 50mg of CBD per cap.  6000mg per bottle.

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Welcome to the world of mindfulness and tranquility with Alice Envision Micro Dose Capsules! Unveiling a unique blend of mind-opening Golden Teacher mushrooms and CBD, this exceptional product offers a remarkable path to keep your mood balanced and anxiety at bay.

Each bottle contains 20 gel caps, specially crafted for utmost convenience and discreetness. With 250mg of Golden Teacher mushrooms and 50mg of CBD per capsule, the total potency of the bottle reaches an impressive 6000mg. Embrace a transformative experience as you embark on a journey of self-discovery, wellness, and inner peace.

Through the art of micro dosing, the capsules introduce small, controlled amounts of psilocybin to your system. This dosage is carefully calibrated to provide subtle yet profound effects, without inducing the typical psychedelic high associated with larger doses. Instead, prepare to encounter a sense of serenity, enhanced mental clarity, heightened feelings of compassion, gratitude, and an overall positive and optimistic outlook on life.

For optimal results, we recommend taking one capsule 2-3 times a week, allowing your body and mind to gracefully embrace the transformative benefits. Though micro dosing might not produce immediate effects, you can anticipate subtle changes that gradually elevate your well-being and consciousness.

As you immerse yourself in this enlightening experience, it is essential to practice responsible usage. Using the capsules too frequently may lead to the development of tolerance, potentially diminishing the efficacy of the micro dosing regimen. If you are currently taking other medications, we advise consulting with a healthcare professional to ensure there are no adverse interactions between them and psilocybin.

While Alice Envision Micro Dose Capsules have the power to offer profound insights and positive transformations, it’s crucial to exercise caution if you have a personal or family history of psychosis. In such cases, we recommend refraining from consuming these capsules.

To safeguard the integrity of the product, store it in a cool, dark place, away from direct sunlight. Additionally, please keep the capsules out of reach of children and pets to maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Embark on an extraordinary voyage of self-discovery and mindfulness with Alice Envision Micro Dose Capsules. Awaken your inner potential, embrace serenity, and elevate your consciousness on a path of profound transformation. Remember, this journey of self-exploration should always be approached with care, respect, and a commitment to personal growth. Let Alice Envision be your guide to a more enlightened existence.


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