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Clarity Microdose Capsules – 3000mg


30 capsules per bottle

Psilocybin Mushrooms – 100mg

Lions Mane Mushrooms – 100mg

Green Tea Extract – 150mg

Ginger Root Extract – 50mg

Niacin – 50mg

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Introducing the Clarity Microdose Capsules – Your Gateway to a A Microdosing Experience

Discover the wonderful world of Clarity Microdose Capsules, your go-to solution for boosting cognitive brain function. These capsules are carefully crafted with a powerful blend of Psilocybin, Lions Mane, Niacin, and Green Tea Extract, all backed by scientific research to enhance memory, focus, and concentration.

Lions Mane steps in to fortify your immune system, protect against age-related cognitive decline, and maintain healthy glucose levels. Niacin, on the other hand, not only converts food into energy but also supports a healthy metabolism and contributes to heart and cardiovascular health.

The addition of Green Tea Extract promotes overall brain health and supports your general well-being.

Now, let’s talk about our 920 Extracts Clarity Microdose Capsules. They contain 100% pure, unprocessed magic mushroom content, expertly combined with high-quality additives to provide you with benefits that go beyond what psilocybin alone can offer.

We take great care in preparing these Clarity Microdose Capsules. We start by drying our hand-picked psilocybe cubensis mushrooms and then powder them to ensure easy absorption by your body.

To make the experience even more convenient, we use food-safe capsules to carry the psilocybe cubensis powder. Each bottle contains 30 capsules, which will last you for multiple months of microdosing.

No more enduring the unpleasant taste of fresh or dried magic mushrooms, dealing with inconsistent doses, or worrying about measuring mistakes. Make the switch to our Clarity Microdose Capsules for a smoother and more enjoyable microdosing journey. Your path to cognitive enhancement and overall well-being has never been easier!

920 Extracts capsules are specifically designed for:

  • Microdosers looking for more specific benefits
  • People who can’t bear raw or dried magic mushroom taste
  • People looking for hassle-free microdosing.

920 Extracts create many different capsules that can specifically benefit:

  • Cognitive brain function
  • Better, more consistent sleep cycles
  • Relaxation and comfort
  • Sexual drive and desire
  • High energy and focus




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