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Death Star OG AAAA


Indica Dominant Hybrid 80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC 27%

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Death Star OG

Introducing Death Star OG, an incredibly potent indica-dominant hybrid strain (80% indica/20% sativa). Crafted by blending Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush, it delivers a classic, powerful high that engulfs both mind and body in its signature effects.

Prepare for an experience that unfolds like a cosmic event. The Death Star OG high creeps in, much like a colossal space station emerging from the shadows. It engulfs you in waves of euphoria, sweeping away mental discomfort and racing thoughts. As your consciousness ventures into celestial realms, a gentle gravitational pull draws your body into serene relaxation. This soothing embrace is a prelude to the inevitable craving for sustenance and rest, a rhythmic dance between the desire for food and the allure of slumber.

THC Levels

With an average THC level of 15-28%, Death Star OG is a potent weapon against various afflictions. Chronic pain, depression, nausea, migraines—this strain stands ready to alleviate them all. The mingling of its lineage and potency bestows upon it an undeniable edge in holistic healing.

Behold the visual marvel of Death Star OG buds. Petite and minty green, they are accented by deep amber nuances and crowned with a delicate coat of glistening crystal trichomes. Breaking these buds open and igniting them reveals a sensory symphony. Notes of skunky earthiness intermingle with the sweetness of kush, culminating in a flavor explosion that transcends earthly boundaries.

With each inhale, you embrace the legacy of Death Star OG, a strain that bridges the gap between the cosmic and the corporeal. As you journey through its intricacies, you’ll discover that this strain is not merely a product—it’s an odyssey.  An exploration of the extraordinary within the ordinary, and a testament to the artistry of nature itself.

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