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Frost Factory Cold Cured Quads – The Pink (Indica Dominant Hybrid) (14 Grams)


Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa
THC – 27%

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 What are cold cured quads?

At the factory, we select only the finest bc craft quads, which have been expertly grown and harvested in their prime. Under the perfect conditions, our slow, cold hang-dried cure allows the flowers to mature until they reach their peak potential. Rich terpenes, maximum flavour, and the smoothest burn; taste the difference our premium strains provide.

Sealed in a tuna can for maximum freshness!

The Pink

Introducing The Pink, a captivating and robust indica strain whose heritage is steeped in mystery. Some say it could be a relative or an offspring of the legendary OG Kush, an iconic strain that has left an indelible mark on cannabis history. The Pink carries on this legacy with pride, delivering a potent body high that doubles as an effective medical treatment.

The effects of The Pink are truly enchanting—calming, intensely euphoric, and accompanied by a powerful case of the munchies. A symphony of happiness and relaxation washes over you, making it a versatile tool for treating a wide range of conditions. From anxiety and depression to inflammation, lack of appetite, migraines, mood disorders, chronic pain, and insomnia, The Pink offers respite and relief.

Though its sativa/indica ratio is a subject of debate, The Pink’s physical effects take center stage, suggesting a dominance of indica characteristics. While THC tests are scarce, the few available indicate impressive potency, often exceeding the 20% mark. On the other hand, CBD levels remain relatively low, making it less suitable for conditions that require higher CBD content, such as epileptic disorders.

The flavor and aroma of The Pink are a delightful fusion of pine, wood, and flowers, creating a sensory experience that pleases the senses. Its name finds inspiration in the pink hairs that adorn the green nugs, adding to its allure and uniqueness.

The Pink has garnered popularity, especially in the Pacific Northwest and Canada’s legal cannabis markets, where enthusiasts and medical users seek its magic.

Embrace the enigma of The Pink and discover a strain that not only honours the legacy of OG Kush but also stands tall as a potent and effective remedy for a multitude of ailments. Allow The Pink to serenade you with its calming effects and powerful euphoria, delivering a symphony of relief and relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a moment of tranquility or seeking solace from life’s challenges, The Pink is your ally on this captivating cannabis journey.




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