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Moroccan 4 Star Hash 7g

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Moroccan 4 Star has a beautifully pungent nose and a soft fudge-like chewy texture you would expect with a high quality hash. The flavour is fantastic and the long lasting effects are really the perfect example of the best of the best.

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If you have been searching for an intense and delicious new hash to add into your regular smoking rotation, then Moroccan 4Star hash could be just the hash that you have been searching for! This premium, high-quality hash has proven itself to be a definite crowd-pleaser, and we know for sure that once you try it, just like everyone else, you’re going to fall in love with it!

Made using some of the most premium and potent cannabis strains globally, hash is a century-old cannabis product that’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular new cannabis products in the world.

1 review for Moroccan 4 Star Hash 7g

  1. Rodney Maxwell (verified owner)

    Thanks for bringing in a new strain
    It’s great
    I would recommend not using flame to
    Break it apart just use your finger s and
    Take your time
    Burns slow and strong
    Recommend it for anyone
    Thank MBP

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