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Nepalese Temple Balls


Each ball contains one 35 gram Nepalese Temple Hash Ball

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Nepalese Temple Balls hashish is known for its sticky, resiny, color and texture, its sweet, tangy taste, and its narcotic, dream-inducing high. It is now becoming a rare item.This is the type of hash that legends are made of. The shiny skin, the gooey texture and the fact that your fingers are sticky the moment you lay hands on it, are almost proof. When you light up, you know for sure. Temple Ball hash is the shizzle. This high is intense but not sudden. Although it’s a strong hash, it’ll put you down nice and easy.

Nepalese temple ball hash tests above 30% THC. It’s not all about the THC content though… For some it is the pure resin, the surreal effects, and the sense of majestic clarity they bring.

Like other forms of hash, you can use Nepalese Temple Balls in multiple ways. You can smoke it in a joint, bong, or pipe. You can Vaporize it, dab it, and even eat it!


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