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Pink Kush AAA+


Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC 21% – CBD 1%

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Pink Kush Strain: A Soothing Hybrid with a Mellow Vibe

Exploring the Pink Kush Strain

Explore the enigmatic heritage of the illustrious Pink Kush strain.  A strain shrouded in the whispers of OG Kush, a titan among cannabis varieties. Thought to be a descendant or at least a close relative of the legendary OG Kush, Pink Kush has inherited and proudly carries forward a legacy that ensnares the senses and elevates the experience of cannabis enthusiasts.

What distinguishes the Pink Kush strain is its unwavering ability to deliver a powerful, body-melting high.  A characteristic sought after for its potent medical applications. The effects it offers encompass a deeply calming euphoria, often accompanied by an intense case of the munchies.  Inducing a sense of contentment and relaxation that is unparalleled. It stands as a versatile tool in the medical realm.  Effectively addressing a spectrum of conditions, from anxiety and depression to chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and even the complexities of mood disorders.

Though the precise balance between its sativa and indica properties remains a mystery.  BC Pink Kush predominantly manifests its effects in a ratio that leans heavily towards physical sedation. THC tests, though limited, consistently indicate a potency that frequently exceeds the 20% mark. Which makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a robust and intense experience.  My Bud Place is the best place to find Pink Kush Strain Info.

CBD Levels

Conversely, the Pink Kush strain typically exhibits low CBD levels.  Registering less than 1%, making it less suitable for conditions that find relief through higher CBD content.

In the realm of aromas and flavours, Pink Kush is a delightful medley.  It entwines notes of pine, wood, and floral tones.  Culminating in a sensory journey that complements its name.  Derived in part from the pink-hued pistils that adorn its emerald green buds.

This strain has garnered particular acclaim in the legal cannabis markets of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.  Becoming a sought-after choice for those eager to explore the profound therapeutic potential and sensory allure that the Pink Kush strain embodies.

For cannabis enthusiasts in Calgary, this strain is available for delivery.  Presenting an opportunity to delve into the nuanced relaxation and distinctive medicinal efficacy that Pink Kush promises. As the waves of its calming effects sweep over users.  Pink Kush remains a beacon of the finest cannabis experiences, inviting enthusiasts to savor its legacy and indulge in its soothing embrace.


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