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Indica Dominant Hybrid80% Indica / 20% Sativa
THC: 26%, CBD: 1%


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Pink OG

The Pink OG strain has gained significant popularity due to its potent and impactful nature as an Indica-dominant hybrid. Although its precise lineage remains shrouded in mystery, many enthusiasts speculate that Pink OG might be linked to the renowned OG Kush lineage. With its robust profile, Pink OG stands as a premium and top-tier strain, distinguished by its substantial THC content. Given its potency, it’s primarily recommended for experienced users.  As its intense effects may overwhelm novices, while seasoned cannabis enthusiasts will embrace the enduring and powerful high that it delivers, extending over several hours.

Pink OG captivates not only with its potency but also with its sensory allure. The strain’s flavour and aroma contribute to its reputation, characterized by sweetness and floral notes. These exquisite qualities are further enriched by sugary vanilla and fruity berry overtones, rounded off by gentle undertones of tart floral essence. The strain’s appearance aligns with its name, boasting striking buds coloured in a pleasant medium green shade.  Adorned with delicate pink pistils and a generous dusting of white crystal trichomes.

The effects of Pink OG encompass both a delightful body high and subtle cerebral sensations. Upon inhalation, users are greeted with a euphoric head high, often inducing bouts of laughter and uplifted spirits. This initial cerebral elevation is seamlessly followed by a profound sense of relaxation and tranquility, sometimes leading to a couch-locked state accompanied by a hearty case of the munchies. The relaxation persists for an extended period, offering users an opportunity to unwind and alleviate stress.


Beyond its recreational charm, Pink OG holds substantial medical potential. Its effects make it a sought-after choice for addressing various concerns, including muscle tension, pain management, stress reduction, anxiety mitigation, and alleviating symptoms of depression. Its potency is such that even in small doses, Pink OG proves highly effective in providing relief and comfort.

In conclusion, Pink OG is an exceptional strain revered for its powerful and lasting effects. With a rich and captivating sensory profile, it promises a flavourful journey. Its versatility extends to both recreational and therapeutic usage, making it a favourite among both recreational and medicinal cannabis enthusiasts. As you explore the enticing medium green buds adorned with pink pistils and white crystal trichomes.  You’re invited to embark on a rewarding experience that combines potency with sensory delight.


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