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Premium Flavoured Black Hash – Bubble Gum


Premium hash – Black Bubblegum Hash, sweet and potent!

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Introducing our exquisite line of flavoured Black Hash.  A true delight for hash connoisseurs and those eager to explore the enchanting realm of hashish. Rooted in timeless and revered traditions, our Bubble Gum Black Hash embodies the perfect fusion of flavour and experience.

Prepare to indulge in a tantalizing body sensation that accompanies the elevated high of Bubble Gum Black Hash. Its soothing properties promote relaxation while allowing users to maintain functionality.  Making it an ideal choice for unwinding after a satisfying dinner. Some have even reported heightened arousal as an added benefit. This premium hash is renowned for its remarkable ability to alleviate stress, combat depression, and provide respite from bodily discomfort.

Crafted from meticulously cured flower material over a span of eight weeks.  Our Black Hash attains the pinnacle of excellence, ensuring an unrivalled product of utmost quality.

And to no surprise, the flavour profile of our Premium Bubble Gum Hash is nothing short of delightful – expect a burst of bubble gum to dance on your palate, elevating your sensory experience to unprecedented heights.

Embrace the allure of our premium Bubble Gum Hash, a testament to the time-honored traditions of cannabis, and discover a world of bliss that awaits.


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