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So High Premium Syringes 1ML – Maui Wowie


Each Syringe Contains:

  • 1G THC Distillate
  • 95.79% THC
  • THC Distillate + Terpenes

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Experience Pure Joy with Blue Dream Distillate Syringe

Unleash Creativity and Comfort

Introducing the Blue Dream Distillate Syringe, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid born from the beloved Blueberry X Haze strains. Immerse yourself in a world of joy, creativity, and soothing comfort.

Immediate Uplift and Focus

Feel the instant onset of an uplifting cerebral head high, infusing you with motivation and laser-sharp focus. Waves of creative energy surge quickly, providing a burst of inspiration that hits with precision.

Mellow Relaxation, Pain-Free Bliss

Embrace a mellow, relaxing body high that leaves you warmed, numb, and blissfully pain-free. The potent combination of effects makes Blue Dream Distillate Syringe an ideal choice for managing chronic stress, pain, depression, and sleep disorders, including insomnia.

Sweet Blueberry Symphony

Savor the delicious aroma of sweet blueberry pie that envelops you, and indulge in the sugary sweet taste of blueberries that lingers on your tongue long after ingestion.

Dive into the delightful experience of Blue Dream Distillate Syringe – where creativity meets comfort in a syringe of pure joy.

How to use:

This clean distillate is suitable for all smoking, vaporizing, oral and transdermal applications and edibles.


This product is great for dabbing, vapourizing, rolled in a joint, pipes and bongs.


Start by applying an amount the size of a grain of rice (10mg) under the tongue with a meal. Exercise caution when re-dosing. The onset might span 15 to 90 minutes. Gradually elevate your dose by a maximum of 10mg daily. This approach helps identify the optimal dosage for your condition, minimizing the risk of over-medication. Alternatively, you can add the product to food, following the same dosage guide, for a more prolonged and less intense effect. Do not cook product as high temperature will reduce potency.

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